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July 29, 2018
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July 30, 2018
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Bullet Brake BB-02


If Single Brake you need to order BB-04, If Dual Brake you need the BB-02.
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The Bullet Brake, the Original Motorcycle | Trike Parking Brake.

Year, Brand and Model Selection

Be sure you select the correct Year, Brand and Model before finalizing your order. The Bullet Brake most types of motorcycle depending on the diameter and thread pitch of the front master cyclinder banjo bolt. The Bullet Brake simply replaces the existing front master cylinder banjo bolt, installation takes just moments and NO BRAKE BLEEDING NECESSARY.  Let us know via email or Facebook messenger if you don’t see your bike model!

Email:             [email protected]
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Bullet Brake Model Bike Manufacturer Replaces Manufacture OEM Part #
BB-01 Harley Davidson 41750-06B
BB-01 Energica XX ALL BB-01 XX
BB-02 Harley Davidson 41747-82A
BB-03 Harley Davidson 41736-04
BB-04 Harley Davidson 41739-84A
BB-05 Indian XX ALL BB-05 XX 1910958
BB-05 Kawasaki XX ALL BB-05 XX 92153-0627
BB-05 Suzuki XX ALL BB-05 XX 09360-1006
BB-05 Victory XX ALL BB-05 XX 1910958
BB-05 Yamaha XX ALL BB-05 XX 90401-10172
BB-05 Honda XX ALL BB-05 XX 90145-MS9-612

Operation & Installation

Please refer to www.bulletbrake.com/install for our simple installation/operation PDF and installation video!

Installation of the Bullet Brake should be done per Manufacturers recommendation by a Trained Technician. Bullet Brake is NOT responsible for improper installation.

Additional information

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