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The Original Motorcycle Parking Brake


Motorcycles aren't equipped with a parking brake from the factory. Many of us park our bike in gear and hope that it won’t roll, collapse the sidestand, and dump on the ground. That's a pipe dream. Most riders are taught to leave the bike in first gear when they park, but that doesn't always work either… you still have to angle one end or the other into a curb or park across the grade on a hill. And once your bike is on its side, it's no easy task to stand it back up.


Bullet Brake is the best, cheapest insurance you’ll ever buy to prevent your bike from falling over. Save thousands of dollars in damages to your beautiful ride, while keeping your bike right where you left it. Installation is simple, and we have a size to fit most popular makes and models of bikes.

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Please note: Installation of the Bullet Brake should be done per Manufacturers recommendation by a Trained Technician. Bullet Brake is NOT responsible for improper installation.

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Bullet Brake is available on most models of Motorcycles | Trikes...

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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers


Harris Beard

I parked my 2018 streetglide on a slight incline and didn’t know it. I heard my kickstand scraping. I had to run back to my bike to catch it before it fell. I could use a parking brake. Safety safety safety. After 20 years in the military I've learned that safety saves lives and valuable equipment.

Melissa Matthews

I will be able to lock my brake with my Recluse Clutch instead of having to use that velcro strap.
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